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Frequently Ask Questions

Pricing Related FAQ

How much does it cost? It depends on the package you purchase. The more you purchase, the lower the cost.
Are there any other costs involved? There is no other costs involved. As the credits do not expired, you may purchase now and use them later.
Can I try before I proceed with my purchase? Yes, you may sign up for a trial with 10 free credits. Click here to sign up for trial account.
How do I Sign Up / buy credits? We operate on a prepaid basis. To purchase credits, kindly follow the following steps:
1. Order online.
2. Proceed with payment (Available Payment Methods : Credit Card / Paypal)
3. We will credit your account once the payment is cleared
What is the minimum SMS Credit that is require to purchase / top up Minimum SMS Credit is 500 SMS Package.

SMS / Feature Related FAQ
What software do I need to send SMS? You do not need to install any software. You would only require an internet browser and an internet connection.
How long does it take to deliver a SMS? On average, it takes about 3 seconds.
Do you support non-English text? Yes, we do.
How many characters for 1 SMS? 1 SMS = 1 Credit
1 Normal Text SMS is 160 alphanumeric characters
1 Unicode Text SMS (Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French etc) is 70 characters.
Will I be charge for SMS that fail to deliver? Yes, SMS Credit will be deducted regardless if it is success or fail.
Is there any retry feature if the mobile phone is turned off or mobile is not in coverage area? Yes, the SMS Center will resend the SMS within 24 hours.
How many sub user account can I create? As many as you wish. Currently we do not limit.
I would like to send SMS from my own software. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. We will provide you with the API and sample code for your reference.

Mobile Number Related FAQ
Do One Way SMS sell mobile numbers? No, we strictly do not sell any mobile numbers.
Will the mobile number I sent used by One Way SMS or any 3rd parties? All mobile numbers and messages sent are treated with strict confidentially. We will never use them nor shared them with 3rd parties.
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Money Back Guarantee
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